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Break the Bread - Communion Song - Chord Chart CCLI #7041348

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This is Break the Bread (Communion Song)

by David Liscum and Scott Cash CCLI  #7041348
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"Break the Bread" Video Also Releases Today from Innovative New Worship Project Co-Produced by Grammy and Dove Award-winning Christian Music Producer Ed Cash
House of Peace's new CD, Into the Great Unknown,
releases today through City of Peace Media and Capitol Christian Distribution. 
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (June 9, 2015) Into the Great Unknown, the debut full-length project from south Florida based worship band House of Peace, releases to brick & mortar retailers today from City of Peace Media and Capitol Christian Distribution.  

Along with the CD, City of Peace Media is also releasing House of Peace's "Break the Bread" video today. To view the video, visityoutu.be/FkXB5H6Ovy.  

The 11-song project celebrates the band's credo of diversity through unity by incorporating a broad range of contemporary musical styles paired with ancient, time-honored theological themes. The result is a listening experience that is at once God-honoring, ear-pleasing and soul-refreshing.

Grammy and Dove Award-winning Christian music producer Ed Cash and his brother Scott Cash produced half of the songs on the CD. House of Peace's David Liscum and Yochanan Marcellino produced two songs each and Cody Norris produced one song, as did Klaus Badelt.

While frontman David Liscum wrote or co-wrote every song on the project, he is quick to point out that House of Peace is a band, and not a solo effort. Liscum is joined by an eclectic group of musicians including guitarist Jeff Maldonado, drummer Seadric Crawford, Ryan Horner on bass and Maldonado's wife Christine on percussions and background vocals. The band was initially featured on the City of Peace compilation project, I Stand With Israel, and Liscum later teamed with label head Yochanan Marcellino to pen "New Life," the song that would become the theme for the feature film The Identical, starring Ashley Judd, Ray Liotta and Blake Rayne.

"David is hugely involved with our label and with our film company," says City of Peace Media's Jordan Marcellino. "He's a great guy with a wonderful heart and a true worshipper. These songs are responses to God's glory, God's change, God's touch, God's calling."

Into the Great Unknown is an apt title for the project, according to Liscum. "It's about the journey we all go through with God, a journey of moving from faith to faith where you have to deal with a lot of unknowns. Sometimes, you just have to learn to let go."

Part of the letting go process involved bringing others alongside to help in the creative process, including Christian music uber-producer Ed Cash, who brought his own flourishes to the project. Cash admires the way House of Peace fuses deep theological insights with lush, accessible, contemporary melodies, and even connects with one of the great traditional hymns of the church. "It is a really beautiful picture of Jesus," Cash says. "I love the tribute it pays to the Old Testament, showing how Christ demonstrated His love for us by placing His blood on our hearts."

Into the Great Unknown opens with the lovely and encouraging "Passover Lamb," which draws imagery from the classic hymn, "Nothing But The Blood." The song segues effortlessly into the acoustic guitar-driven communion song, "Break the Bread." The celebration of the glory of God continues with the shimmering worship aria, "King of the Universe." The mood shifts to one of reverential awe on "New Life," as Liscum ponders the twists and turns of life. "I finally found what I've been searching for," he sings. "It's been there all the time, right before my very eyes!"

Ethereal synths and thudding tom toms accentuate the engaging praise aria, "King of Israel." Acoustic guitars take center stage on the horizontally-directed song of encouragement, "Let Us Be One." The acoustic guitars remain, but the direction shifts toward vertical worship on the gorgeous song of adoration, "Praise Your Name Forever," which prominently features Christine Maldonado on BGVs.

The softly rocking "Glory to Your Name" continues the joyful praise theme, as Liscum exults, "Everyone will praise! Everyone will say, Glory to your name!" The band maintains its reverential prayerful posture while kicking up the tempo on the anthemic, "Rejoice." Engaging piano lines embellish the declaration song, "He Will Reign," before the project closes with the lush and evocative "One Child," the New Life Theme from the feature film The Identical, performed by the Chinese Symphony Orchestra.

While House of Peace is thrilled with how their debut project turned out, they insist their goal is really not about just producing a CD, but about producing disciples of Jesus.

"We are passionate about music and worship because we realize how powerful the combination is as a tool for righteousness," Liscum explains. "We're not just another Christian band with a CD to peddle. We are a worship band, but evangelism is always a component of what we do. We want to go into the great unknown and reach the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

For more information about House of Peace and Into the Great Unknown, visithouseofpeaceband.com or follow House of Peace on Facebook atfacebook.com/HouseofPeaceMusic.
About House of Peace:House of Peace is a worship group that desires for God to be exalted though their music, and their ministry. Their influences range from Chris Tomlin, IHOP, Bethel, Coldplay, Keane, U2 and organic worship. House of Peace is a City of Peace Media recording artist. Their main purpose is to help others practice the presence of God through worship.

House of Peace has a heart for Israel, and a heart for encouraging the body of Christ to reach the lost. For more information about David Liscum, House of Peace or Into the Great Unknown, visit houseofpeaceband.com.  

About City of Peace Media and City of Peace Films:
The primary focus of City of Peace Media and City of Peace Films is to provide a framework where music, films and video with "redeeming value" can be developed, produced and distributed worldwide, bringing a message of hope, love and encouragement to this generation. 

City of Peace Media is home to video award nominated and winning artists such as John Waller, who as an artist has been cumulatively streamed nearly ten million times on YouTube, and Sean Spicer, winner of Canada's GMA Covenant Award in the category of Best Instrumental Album. The City of Peace Worship line of music has reached millions, leading with the internationally acclaimed albums Adonai and Elohim. City of Peace Films is also home to the recent theatrical release of the major motion picture, The Identical (Ray Liotta, Ashley Judd), winner of the 2014 Nashville Film Festival (one of America's oldest and more popular in the Southeast).
The label's seasoned leadership includes Founder and CEO Yochanan Marcellino, the son of legendary Motown A&R producer Jerry Marcellino (Michael Jackson, Diana Ross & The Supremes, Lionel Richie & the Commodores and Smokey Robinson). Yochanan Marcellino was the founder of FM Management, managing such artists as Kerry Livgren of Kansas ("Dust in the Wind"), Cindy Birdsong of The Supremes, Kyle Henderson of The Producers and John Waller, who has featured songs in the Fireproof, Courageous and War Roommotion pictures and soundtracks. Marcellino also founded several successful record labels over his 40-year career, including Kerygma Records/Bright Star Records, City of Peace Media and its affiliates, and most recently, Identical Production Company (The Identicalmotion picture). Marcellino has released over 70 major music projects worldwide through his record labels and has led key divisions of several other music companies.

Record industry veteran Don Noes serves as COO, with more than 30 years of retail marketing and music industry experience. The last two decades found Noes as SVP, Sales and Distribution, overseeing the launch and growth of Provident /Sony Music Distribution, distributing major artists such as Jars of Clay, Michael W. Smith, Third Day, Casting Crowns and Mercy Me. 

City of Peace Media and City of Peace Films includes, but is not limited to, the following list of creative services: major physical and digital distribution, record production, artist management, artist development, music publishing, song development, art direction, graphic design, website development, music video production, motion picture film production and film development. City of Peace Media also consults in the following strategic areas: marketing plan development, public relations planning, radio promotion, publicity, advertising, touring and name branding. For more information, visit

About Capitol Christian Distribution:
Capitol Christian Distribution is the market leader Christian and Gospel music distribution and represents a diverse range of chart topping Christian films and books reaching the U.S. Christian and general retail marketplace, and the international Christian marketplace. Since this distribution division was launched, Capitol Christian has had more charting titles annually on Billboard's Top Christian charts than any other Christian distributor and has been named Billboard Magazine's Top Christian Music Distributor 15 times since 1995. 

In addition to distributing Capitol Christian Music Group's fully-owned labels, which include Sparrow, ForeFront, and Credential imprints, as well as Motown Gospel and Worship Together, Capitol Christian Distribution has exclusive distribution agreements with Centricity Records, City on A Hill, City of Peace Media, Difference Media, Dream Records, Gaither Music Group, Green Hill Productions, Inpop, Hillsong, sixsteps records, Sonoma Music, Maranatha! Music, North Point Music, Spring Hill Music Group, Troubadour for the Lord, Universal Music Group, VSR Music Group, Advent Film Group, Alchemy, Anchor Bay Entertainment/Starz, Cinedigm Entertainment, City of Peace Films, Creative Trust Media, Getty Music, Goose Creek Productions, Friends Media, For Our Fathers Films, Foreshadow Productions, Glorious Films, Guardian Studios/Bananas, Jason Campbell Films, Jellyfish Labs, Ocean Avenue Entertainment, Pure Flix Entertainment, Vertical Praise Productions, Wanderlust Productions, Whitestone Media, Zayatoonz, Worthy Publishing, Authentic Publishers and many more. Capitol Christian Distribution is a division of Capitol Christian Music Group, which is part of Universal Music's Capitol Music Group. For more information, visit capitolchristiandistribution.com.   
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Thursday, January 15, 2015

About Into the Great Unknown - The story behind the title

The meaning behind "Into the Great Unknown." If you ever been to a place in life that you didn't understand, it can be extremely difficult. Sometimes life mounds a pile of challenges you're way,
maybe even extremely painful, or hurtful. You might be overwhelmed beyond you're wildest dreams.

This is a difficult place to be, however we have a choice. A choice to be afraid of the mysteries, things we don't understand, or to pursue God for understanding. To have joy in the mysteries! "Into the great Unknown" God's calling us to a place of deeper trust with Him. By letting go with complete trust knowing and having faith that God is good, and he is leading you to a good place. We might not be able to see or understand, but our source of rest comes from spending time with Him. It can be a battle, and may not be perfect, and that's ok. We may have to reach out to others.

I had a really good friend, who is a incredible worship leader, say "Bro you just got to have joy in
the mysteries" It didn't register for 2 weeks. Afterwards it hit me, I had great joy knowing that God was going to lead me through the great unknown, and I could have joy without knowing anything in the most difficult of times. (This was a long season of testing, trials, and over all difficulty)

We have to willfully walk to that place, or we will never fully get everything God has for us.

Our hope doesn't come because we know the outcome. our hope comes because of who we know (The Lord)

One day listening to Oceans it hit me deeply, "You call me upon the waters, 'The great unknown' where feet may fail, and there I find you in the mystery, in Oceans deep, my faith will stand.

We find God in the mystery, when we let go, and allow God to call us out into the deep waters. (without kicking and screaming).

Trust God in the deep deep waters!

Into the Great Unknown is a hard place, but it can be a great place of joy, if we allow it. And there is where you will find God in the mystery! Trust Trust Trust!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Into the Great Unknown - House of Peace

Into the Great Unknown is the first full studio album from contemporary Christian music artist House of Peace. Into the Great Unknown will be released Jan 13 2015. the album was preceded by 2 singles "Passover Lamb" and "King of the Universe" which were both produced by Ed Cash.

The album features 5 songs produced by Ed Cash. David Liscum wrote all the songs except New Life and He Will Reign which David co-wrote with Yochanan Marcellino. One Child was written and produced by Christopher Carmichael, Klaus Badelt based off "New Life" and was featured on The Identical Soundtrack throughout The Identical Movie. 

One Child was performed by the Chinese Symphony Orchestra. The album is through City of Peace Media who also made "The Identical" and will be distributed through CMG Capital Records. 

Passover Lamb 
Break the Bread
King of the Universe
New Life
King of Israel
Let us be One 
Praise Your Name forever
Glory to your Name
He Will Reign 
One Child 


Monday, December 1, 2014

King of Israel - About the Song

King of Israel was inspired by a sermon I heard by Ray Hughes at my church. Ray Hughes is a great music historian. I was captivated and fascinated by his story, about Handel, and the history behind Handel, and the Messiah Chorus.

As a writer, I like to honor the great writers of old, and tap into what was in their
hearts at the time. With so much paganism in Christmas, I wanted to connect with something of value, that would Honor God. When you listen to the Hallelujah Chorus, it is really deep.

Stories about Handel even say He was praying, or he was weeping, or he was staring into eternity.

He was definitely a deep writer for his day. I wanted to write a song about Jesus Birth and tie it in somehow with Handel's Messiah.

What I love about most Hymns or older worship songs is that they focus on the righteousness of Christ in us. The Messiah Chorus is not short of themes of Salvation and righteousness.

The Messiah Chorus is a timeless song about the Lord's salvation for us, the very gospel message and that He will Reign Forever.

I wanted to bring in those same elements highlighting Salvation and Righteousness.

King of Israel is not just meant for Christmas time which is why we are including it in our album. The message is that Jesus came so we might become His righteousness.

King of Israel

Bring Your Gifts to the Lord for this day Messiah came.
Righteousness is being restored. Let the Angels rejoice and sing
rejoice and sing

Hallelujah ah to the King to the King

Hallelujah ah to the King the King of Israel

Glory Shines within the skies Let Angelic hosts proclaim
Join the triumph of the king Salvations victory
Salvations victory

Hallelujah ah to the King to the King

Hallelujah ah to the King the King of Israel to the King

And He Shall Reign Forever and ever
And He Shall Reign Forever and ever

And He Shall Reign Forever and ever
And He Shall Reign Forever and ever

Hallelujah ah to the King to the King
Hallelujah ah to the King the King of Israel