Sunday, August 12, 2012

iStand with Israel - Spreading the Gospel

iStand with Israel - spreading the Gospel 

One of the reasons we were so excited when we heard
we were going to be a part of the "iStand with Israel"
project is that we have a strong heart for Israel. 
We believe we are in the 11th hour, and the world stage 
is being set. Because of these near realities, we must
spread the Gospel everywhere including Israel.

Today in America, the church spends all kinds of crazy money
in Israel. I have seen everything from organizations buying
tanks for the Israeli army, to excavation trips, archeology trips,
bible tours, political groups, luxury vacations, and even sending
money to non Christian organizations.

Israel needs the Gospel just like everywhere else. Christians should
not be distracted with all these groups that are NOT centered on the
Gospel. No matter where your theology lies, we are called to all nations
this includes Israel.

I am asking and challenging believers to wake up concerning Israel.
Please support those that want to further the Gospel and minister in
Israel through mission trips and not just tourism. You can support
an Israeli church or a missionary.

"iStand with Israel" is a reminder to stand with Israel by
supporting the Gospel in Israel. We hope the iStand with Israel
CD ministers to your spirit. Put the booklet on your desk or on
your refrigerator to pray for those in Israel that their eyes
would be open to the reality of Yeshua their savior.

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